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Located on the Allaine

The river Allaine has

given its name to our

single malt whisky. 

Allaine Whisky 5dl_edited.png

An exclusive wash (whisky wort) is created in collaboration with the legendary BFM brewery in Saignelégier. It is based on a high quality malt by Weyermann.

Careful production

The Allaine whiskey is slowly distilled and cleanly separated - so that it already meets a high quality without being stored in barrels.

Carefully stored

With an exclusive malt blend and storage in Swiss barrels from the Hoch Drei cooperage in Seewen, a fine whisky matures with notes of nuts, sultanas and dark caramel. After a few years, some whiskies are transferred to Sauternes barrels as double wood and mature further there.

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