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About us


Whisky has always been a small passion and the idea of an own distillery a long cherished dream. At the end of 2012 the idea became concrete. In February 2013 Marc Baumann attended a first course in Scotland, Sarah Müller later attended a diploma course at the University of Applied Sciences in Stuttgart.  

In 2014 we founded the general partnership MB-Distillerie . One year later the first own whisky was produced. Because we are working, we limit the production to four casks (about 1 500 bottles) per year. The sale is planned from 2024. The first bottles will then be 10 years old. 

Sarah Müller H
Sarah Müller

Sarah Müller

Marc Baumann
Marc Baumann Q2

Marc Baumann

Our etiquette
Concession document

Distillery concession
On June 15, 2022, our concession was extended for another five years until 2027. 

Our producer number: 181 159

Distillery number: JU 006

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