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Carefully distilled

The wash is fed into the pot still and heated indirectly. At a temperature of 78°C, the alcohol begins to evaporate and rises to the top. The cooled water falls down again in the column still. Most of the water remains in the still due to the higher boiling temperature of 100°C. 

In contrast to most Scottish distilleries, we do not work with the classic pot still with two or three passes, but with a column still, in which we achieve a high alcohol content of +/- 80% in the very first pass. Just like in Ireland, where three passes are distilled. The resulting distillate has a very fruity and pure flavour. 

The still holds 200 litres of wash. This produces approx. 10 litres of distillate at 80%. 

We separate out the foreshot with its intense odour and ensure a very balanced whisky.

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